Website Monitoring

Website Monitoring

Monitor everything. Period.

Website Monitoring

Monitor your website from all over the world to get a comprehensive picture of your performance. Problems often happen in only one location. It is easy to overlook that only some of your customers are affected. Our monitoring checks from multiple locations so you can always stay informed.

What Can It Do For Me?

Knowing that your website is working as you intend is critical. Monitoring the website can capture and identify these common problems:

  • checkUnauthorized Content - Check your website for changes in your content. This helps ensure that your website has not been compromised by virus or ransomware or other forms of defacement.
  • checkConnectivity Issues - Ensure that your site is running and available. You should not be the last to know when your site is having problems.
  • checkPerformance - Customers expect quick performance on websites. Our services check for slow responding websites and quickly alert you so that you can take action before it affects your business.

Standard Features

Our website monitoring service packages are enabled with these standard features.

  • checkHTTP / HTTPS Content - Test any website in using HTTP or HTTPS protocols
  • checkContent Detection - Captures and identifies events that include missing keywords, found keywords, and other custom header information
  • checkPerformance - Each website can be tailored to alert based upon a performance threshold. If the site takes longer than the threshold then an alert event is created