Target Monitoring

Be Flexible.

Monitoring with a Twist

Measure Response Time

Is your site running slow? It is critical to know whether your site is running slow or fast. WebKlaxon can measure if your site is responding slowing and notify you when there is a problem. Sometimes you need to know when you site is just running slow.

Selectable Test Location

Multiple test locations allow you to select the location from which the monitoring will be performed. You can select multiple test locations to help reduce false positives or to determine when one region is unavailable.

Uptime / Downtime Reports

Track the history and performance of your target with daily, weekly and monthly downtime reports. Reports track:

  • checkPercentage of uptime
  • checkMinutes of downtime
  • checkNumber of outages in reporting period
  • checkNumber of checks in reporting period

Alarm Notifications

Each monitored target will generate an alarm when the target is unavailble. Customize these alarms to occur during specific times or to require more than one region to fail prior to receiving an alarm.

  • checkImmediate notifications
  • checkEmail, Text or Voice
  • checkConfigurable by team member

Configurable Intervals

Every monitored target can be configured to check at different intervals. Whether you need to check every minute or only need to check every 5, 10 or 15 minutes each target can be customized to meet your particular needs.

  • checkSelectable interval from 1 minute to 1 hour
  • checkCustomized by target

HTTP / HTTPS Targets

Monitor your choice of HTTP or HTTPS protocols. You can select any protocol for each monitored target. Or monitor both.

  • checkSelect either HTTP or HTTPS
  • checkCustomized by target
  • checkSupports authentication credentials

Multiple Account Users

Share the love. Each account allows you to have as many team member accounts as you need. Customize the alarms and notifications for each team member.

  • checkMultiple user login credentials
  • checkManage team notifications
  • checkCustomizable alerts and notifications