Release Notes

Improvements, Enhancements and Bug Fixes

These notes below describe any new improvements, features, enhancements and bug fixes in WebKlaxon's remote monitoring solution. Additional information may be available in the Frequently Answered Questions.

October 2021
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  • Improvements made to the downtime monitoring chart to provide a quick link to edit a target. Links to each target can be found in the Summary tab.
  • Eliminate visual abberation when chart refreshes to maintain selected date range.

September 2021
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  • Improvements made to show details on root cause of the failure of any individual check. Details can be shown in the Details tab.
  • Improvements on Add / Edit Target page to make it easier to work with Ping targets.
August 2021
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  • Additions made to the WebKlaxon API to provide additional information of the details of each target. See the WebKlaxon API Reference for additional information.
July 2021
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  • Resolve issues that could occur when downgrading to a WebKlaxon Free plan and the enforcement of plan limits.
July 2021
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  • Changes to the WebKlaxon Free tier to add additional benefits and increase plan limits.
  • Improvements to targets to add in X of Y check capability when determining if target is down.
July 2021
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  • Improve performance and failover capabilities of regional target collectors. Improvements included increased performance and support for additional checks to determine when a target is considered down and unresponsive.
  • Improvement to testing tools on public website
  • Improvements in adding / managing external contacts for outbound notifications on targets. Better management of when to notify Users and Contacts.
June 2021
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  • Updates to WebKlaxon API Reference.
  • Centralized communications prferences for contacts so that all targets use the same contact information. Targets can no longer override the information in the Contact which reduces confusion when managing larger numbers of Contacts.
  • Improvements that allow visibility into API calls made on your WebKlaxon account. Activity transactions are visibile for 30 days in your portal.
May 2021
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  • Improvements to weekly downtime report to more clearly show when a target is down and not responsive for the entire period of the report.
  • Enable / disable user actions are now captured in the User Activity.
  • Improve API key management for WebKlaxon API on Enterprise plans
April 2021
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  • Improvements to uptime calculations. Resolved several issues for downtime calculations when targets where suspended for extended peiod of time.
  • Remove trial period on Free plan accounts. Signing up for a Free plan will be activated as a free plan without any expiration for a trial period. Eliminates email messages that warned of an expiration on a Free trial when the plan was not actually expiring.
March 2021
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  • Improvements in capturing user activity in the application to provide enhanced visibility to the primary account owner on what changes are being made by their account users. Includes capturing the user's action (i.e. adding a new target) along with the actions details (such as the target name,location,etc.)
  • Enhancements to prorated billings for plan changes.
  • Add new collector located in Dallas, TX
  • Fix a display issue regarding the timezone in User Activity.
  • Fix a navigation menu issue to highlight the correct page when adding new targets in the left menu pane.
February 2021
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  • Changes to improve plan upgrade process.
  • Improvement to Target -> List to show a red exclamation (!) when a target cannot communicate with server.
  • Improvement to Target -> List to show the server location performing the checks.
  • Restrict / warn when downgrading plans when the new plan will exceed plan limits - prior to downgrading.
January 2021
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  • Updated Copyright notices along with minor changes to the WebKlaxon Service Agreement.
  • Support for notifications on target state transition. Contacts can receive notifications when a target transitions down, up, slow or all transition states.
  • Improvements to the process that allows customers to change their registered email address for their WebKlaxon account.
  • Improvements to the emails sent to customers during email changes to better highlight the new and old emails.
December 2020
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  • Add feature to automatically pause targets that are down for more than 48 hours. WebKlaxon will send an email notification at 24 hours warning that the target is unresponsive and then a final notification at 48 hours prior to pausing the target.
  • Changes to support better encryption of key information.
  • Fix an issue to better support email notifications when a customer cancels a subscription.
November 2020
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  • Improvements to Contact Us page to prevent abuse.
  • Upgraded reCAPTCHA to version 3.0
October 2020
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  • Updated and clarified pricing plans options.
  • Improved upgrade process for Base and Plan Options to make it easier to upgrade and downgrade plans.
September 2020
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  • Improved messaging on outbound emails for customer correspondence when plans are nearing renewal, expriration and / or cancelation.
  • Clarification on several support questions to make it easier to find answers to the more common questions.
August 2020
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  • Fixed issue on target graphs where dropdown option to Edit target did not work correctly when comparing multiple targets on the same graph.
  • Improvements in the Remember Me feature on the Sign In page to improve the Sign In experience.
July 2020
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  • On smaller devices / display sizes changes were made to suppress the One Minute button option as display size is too small to adequately display the amount of data shown at a one minute resolution.
  • Removed the touch zoom feature to prevent difficulty navigating pages on mobile devices.
  • Improvements on the Pan and Zoom feature on the target chart to allow for a more deterministic setting when performing date selections
June 2020
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  • Improvement on the Message Activity display to better handle searches.