Be Knowledgeable.

Be in the Know

Scheduled Reporting

Get customized reports that provide the objective evidence you need to diagnose problems. Scheduled reports can be sent to any team member or even to outside contacts.

  • checkSchedule reports to run daily, weekly or monthly
  • checkSend to one or more contacts
  • checkPause reports

On Demand Reports

Sometimes you need to investigate issues. WebKlaxon allows you to to run any scheduled report on demand. Analyzing your data over time can help uncover critical patterns that will help your site run smoothly.

  • checkRun any report on demand
  • checkSend to one or more contacts
  • checkCustomized time frames

Target Comparisons

WebKlaxon allows you to compare one or more targets on the same graph. This unique feature allows your team to look for correlated events when diagnosing problems.

  • checkCompare targets on same graph
  • checkAnalyze outages, slowdowns to discover root cause
  • checkAvailble on select plans

Uptime / Downtime Reports

Track the history and performance of your target with daily, weekly and monthly downtime reports. Reports track:

  • checkPercentage of uptime
  • checkMinutes of downtime
  • checkNumber of outages in reporting period
  • checkNumber of checks in reporting period