Easily Expand As You Grow

Flexible bundled options tailored to your needs.

Sometimes you just need a little more. If your needs start to outgrow one of the standard plans you can easily add any bundled option to tailor the plan to your specific needs. Any of the options below can be added to our Basic, Professional or Enterprise Plans to create a customized monitoring solution tailored to your needs. You can mix and match, upgrade or downgrade as your needs change.

Target Options
5 Additional Targets
/ monthly bundle
50 Additional Targets
/ monthly bundle
150 Additional Targets
/ monthly bundle

Easily add additional monitoring targets as your needs grown.

SMS Alert Options
10 Additional SMS Notifications
/ monthly bundle
50 Additional SMS Notifications
/ monthly bundle

Occassionally you need additional SMS Alerts when monitoring a critical project or if additional team members need to be notified.

Voice Alert Options
10 Additional Voice Notifications
/ monthly bundle
50 Additional Voice Notifications
/ monthly bundle

The most critical needs demand a voice call. When you need additional capability simply add the bundle that is right for you team.

User Options
1 Additional User
/ monthly bundle
5 Additional Users
/ monthly bundle

Easily add authorized account users as you grow. An account user is an individual that can login and make changes, view reports, add targets, etc.

Common Questions

What is a Bundle Option?

All of our subscription plans come tailored to support different needs. Occassionally you need to monitor more targets, increase SMS or Voice notification limits or just add another team member. One option is to upgrade your plan but sometimes you only need a little extra. Simply adding a bundled option to your existing plan allows you to tailor your plan without having to upgrade to the next level.

Can I Change Bundles?

Yes, you can change add or remove bundled options at any time. You can add an option, change the quantity of an option or remove an option at any point in the billing cycle.

Can I Add More Than One?

Yes, you can any combination of bundled options. If you need to add another user to the basic plan along with 10 additional monitored targets you can both bundles to your Basic Plan which would give you additional monitoring capability without having to upgrade to the Professional Plan.

Can I Cancel Anytime?

Yes, you can remove bundles from your subscription at anytime. You are only charged for the prorated amount for the time that the bundle was active.